Sunday, October 28, 2012

YAH: Mummy Door and Pumpkin Display

I've seen a few mummy doors around blogland (the first one I saw was at Honey and Fitz) and wanted to try my own. See, this summer we got a new front door and I painted it Buttercup yellow. It's perfect for spring and summer, but it doesn't exactly scream Halloween. I thought turning the door into a mummy was a good way to cover up the yellow. So a few weeks ago I bought a couple rolls of white crepe paper streamers. They sat in the bag until this past week. Finally I decided to get to work on it. And it took a long time. I quit after 45 minutes and thought I'd finish up the next day. Well, the next morning I opened the door to a bunch of sagging streamers.
I read about this happening to Sarah's mummy door on Thrifty Decor Chick, but I was hoping because I had a storm door, it wouldn't happen to mine. I was ready to pull it all off, but my husband said it looked kind of cool so I left it. When I came home from work that evening, I finished wrapping the door. Because I knew it would sag, I didn't bother covering up every inch of the yellow door.
I waited to put the eyes on till the next day, so I would know what parts drooped. To change it up from the other mummy doors out there, I made my eyes from neon green paper. They really stand out and can be seen from the street.
I only wish they could glow in the dark!
So that's my mummy door. I like it, but will probably never do it again. I tried to get a picture from outside, but the storm door doesn't allow me to take great pictures of it.
I put a black light in my front porch light, hoping it would make the mummy glow at night, but it doesn't. Boo.
I also finished up my pumpkin porch display. I usually use a big hay bale (seen in this post), but for Christmas I received a cedar planter that my brother made and I used it on my porch this summer.
So I decided to work with that. My husband cut a board (two, actually) that could sit across the top.
I bought a small bag of hay from a craft store to cover the top. Then I shined up my pumpkins using a clear spray and arranged them how I wanted them. I also turned one into a ghost using white spray paint and black acrylic paint.

When Halloween is over, I just remove the ghost and keep the pumpkins there until Thanksgiving!

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