Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marble-Painted Bunnies

These adorable bunnies will definitely add some Spring color to your home or classroom!
I traced my bunny template onto white cardstock and the kids marble-painted it with bright colors.
I used a colored marker to outline the bunny so when I cut it out it would have a border. But it also helped me see where to cut when the paper was covered in paint!
The kids picked out a little pom pom to glue on for the tail.

They would also look good glued onto another piece of paper, either a bright color or even black.
But I decided to leave them alone. I did, however, end up using the rest of the marble-painted paper because it was too pretty to throw away. I glued it onto another piece of paper and added a cotton ball for the tail. This way each child had 2 bunny crafts!

Just be sure to cut the bunny out carefully, only making one small cut on the bottom that can easily be hidden.