Friday, January 20, 2017

Printed Igloos

My daughter and I made really "cool" igloos by painting a piece of bubble wrap and making a print. I got the idea from Crafty Kids at Home. You want to have your paper ready before you paint. We used blue cardstock with a strip of white on the bottom for snow. Then draw a simple igloo shape on the smooth side of bubble wrap and cut it out. Have your child paint the bubble side with white paint. We used a sponge brush.
Quickly flip the bubble wrap over onto the paper before the paint starts to dry. Press down gently without moving the bubble wrap around.
Then carefully peel off the bubble wrap. We also made snowflakes with a Q-tip dipped in white paint. And to finish it off, we added a snowman sticker!
I traced around the igloo with a white crayon just to define it more. I also liked how it looked without painting the bubble wrap. You could just glue it on your paper and the glue would dry clear.
But the painted print does stand out more.
Make sure you check your bubble wrap for popped bubbles. Sometimes a whole row will be flat and won't leave a good print. Have fun adding all kinds of things to the scene!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Paper Towel Suncatchers

I recently bought paper towels with Frozen characters on them. I thought my daughter would like to paint them. We had Anna, Elsa and Olaf.
I decided to trace Anna and Olaf with a black Sharpie to make it easier for my 3-year-old, but I left Elsa alone because I was curious which would look better.
I experimented with a couple different paints to see what worked best. I had regular watercolors and glitter acrylic paint which I received from We started with Olaf.
The watercolors were brighter, but they needed a lot of water. We kept having to dip the brush in water in order to get the paint to spread. The glitter paints were easier to work with, but often quite pale so we needed a lot. When she was done painting, I thought it would look neat hanging in a window with the sun shining in.
By the time we got around to painting Anna and Elsa, my daughter had enough so she only painted a few parts and I finished them.

I like how the white acrylic paint actually shows up!
And as always, it's so hard to get a good picture of a suncatcher, but they really are pretty in the window.

 If you don't have prints on your paper towels, you could always draw your own design with a Sharpie!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Peppermint Candy Craft

Here's a cute and fun way to make a peppermint candy! We made a marbled candy using shaving cream and paint, but you could decorate the candy part any way you'd like.
To get the marbled look, spread out shaving cream on one paper plate.
Add drops of paint (or food coloring) and gently swirl them around using a toothpick or craft stick.

Then put another paper plate on top of the first and gently push down.
Separate the plates,
and use a craft stick to scrape off the shaving cream from the plate that was on top. You are left with a beautiful design.
To avoid too much smearing and mixing of colors, wipe the craft stick off after each scrape. Or just use one color of paint. When it's dry, cut out the middle circle of the plate and glue it to construction paper. Add white hand prints to the sides to look like the wrapper.
Cut it out.
You could wrap it in plastic wrap or add some ribbons to the sides, but I think it's cute as is!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Pasta Footprint Turkey

Here's a fun, cute and quick turkey craft for you! Paint your child's foot brown and make a print. When it dries, have them glue tri-colored pasta on to make the turkey feathers. Add a beak, eye and snood. I helped out by putting the glue on the paper for the kids so they'd know where to put the noodles. (I was planning on having it be a front-facing turkey, but every child's foot had a high arch, so I thought it looked better to have the turkey facing sideways and just put the feathers on one side.)
We used construction paper for the beak, a wiggle eye, and red yarn for the snood.
They are adorable!

For the youngest one in my group (19 months), I traced her hand and she glued on the noodles (with a little help!).

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Handprint Apple Craft

Here's a simple apple craft I made with the kids recently.
They painted a small paper plate by dipping a pom pom into red paint and dabbing their plate.
I painted their palm and fingers green (for a leaf) and their thumb brown (for a stem) and made a print.
I cut out the handprint when it was dry and glued it to the top of the plate.That's it!
Easy and cute!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Stained-Glass Birds

We've been having a little problem with birds hitting our front windows lately. It used to happen a couple times a year, but recently it's been happening a couple times a week. We have some feeders near the windows and we don't want to move them because they are fun to look at (and the cats really enjoy it as well!). I've noticed black bird decals on windows of some buildings and at the zoo, so I thought we'd try that at home. Of course, I wanted something more colorful. So I found a flying bird template (here), printed it out the size I needed, and traced it on black construction paper. Then I traced around it, about 1/4" away from my original tracing. I cut along the outside line first, then along the inside line so I had a nice thick outline of the bird. I put it on the inside of a laminating sheet and my daughter filled it in with colorful tissue paper squares.

We didn't use any glue. Everything just sat on top of the laminating sheet. You can also use contact paper, but I like how the laminator makes it extra glossy. She covered the entire inside of the bird.
We didn't worry about staying inside the black outline because it was getting trimmed after it was laminated.
Only one side will have the black outline, but you could always use a Sharpie to draw in an outline on the other side. I didn't mind. I just made sure the outline was facing in when I hung them in the windows. I also decided to hang up the black bird that was cut from the middle. The display looked beautiful this morning!

Yes, that is a squirrel down there eating all the leftovers! And no, I didn't wash my windows before putting them up. Don't judge me! We ended up making a couple more today for the bottom windows as well. Hopefully we won't have any more feathered friends flying into our windows!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kool-Aid Fireworks

Here's a quick and fun craft for Independence Day. You'll need Kool-Aid, Q-tips, a spray bottle filled with water, and thick white paper. We used construction paper, but it curled when it got wet so card stock paper might be better.
I chose red and blue Kool-Aid for the holiday, but any colors would look great. First you take pinches of Kool-Aid powder and drop them on your paper in small mounds.
Then you use a Q-tip to spread the powder out into several small lines.
Just start in the center and pull it out. Add a slight curve to the line to make it resemble a firework bursting. Then spray your paper with water from about a foot or two away. The colors burst to life! (Pun intended.)
The more water you use, the more it will blend and dissolve so it's up to you how much you want to use. I don't like using a lot because the powder gives it some texture. I have a mixed age-group in my care so for the older ones (3 and 4 years), I told them to try to make the bursts. They did great!

This was after one spray:
This was after two:
I ended up doing about four sprays, making sure all the powder got wet.
For the younger child (2 years old), I just let him sprinkle the Kool-Aid on his paper and then I sprayed it with water. Still cool!
And it smells great! But it will stain the fingers, so keep that in mind. Because it's made with Kool-Aid and it's summer, this isn't a project you want to hold on to for long. It's sticky and ants will be sure to find it. So enjoy it for awhile and then toss.
Here are some other projects we made with Kool-Aid!
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