Friday, January 20, 2017

Printed Igloos

My daughter and I made really "cool" igloos by painting a piece of bubble wrap and making a print. I got the idea from Crafty Kids at Home. You want to have your paper ready before you paint. We used blue cardstock with a strip of white on the bottom for snow. Then draw a simple igloo shape on the smooth side of bubble wrap and cut it out. Have your child paint the bubble side with white paint. We used a sponge brush.
Quickly flip the bubble wrap over onto the paper before the paint starts to dry. Press down gently without moving the bubble wrap around.
Then carefully peel off the bubble wrap. We also made snowflakes with a Q-tip dipped in white paint. And to finish it off, we added a snowman sticker!
I traced around the igloo with a white crayon just to define it more. I also liked how it looked without painting the bubble wrap. You could just glue it on your paper and the glue would dry clear.
But the painted print does stand out more.
Make sure you check your bubble wrap for popped bubbles. Sometimes a whole row will be flat and won't leave a good print. Have fun adding all kinds of things to the scene!

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