Thursday, December 22, 2016

Peppermint Candy Craft

Here's a cute and fun way to make a peppermint candy! We made a marbled candy using shaving cream and paint, but you could decorate the candy part any way you'd like.
To get the marbled look, spread out shaving cream on one paper plate.
Add drops of paint (or food coloring) and gently swirl them around using a toothpick or craft stick.

Then put another paper plate on top of the first and gently push down.
Separate the plates,
and use a craft stick to scrape off the shaving cream from the plate that was on top. You are left with a beautiful design.
To avoid too much smearing and mixing of colors, wipe the craft stick off after each scrape. Or just use one color of paint. When it's dry, cut out the middle circle of the plate and glue it to construction paper. Add white hand prints to the sides to look like the wrapper.
Cut it out.
You could wrap it in plastic wrap or add some ribbons to the sides, but I think it's cute as is!