Monday, October 16, 2017

Vampirina Craft

My daughter really likes Vampirina, a new show on the Disney Junior channel. So I quickly came up with a craft for her and a friend to make. We used a small paper plate for the face, painting it with a mix of white and purple paint with a touch of blue. When it was dry we added the facial features and hair. I cut out hair and bat-wing pigtails, as well as eyes, fangs and little pink pigtail holders.
The kids used a glue stick to attach everything. The pigtails were glued onto the back of the paper plate and I later added tape to secure them even more.
They used a black marker to make eyelashes, eyebrows, a nose and a mouth.
The pigtail holders were glued onto the hair, but I think it would look better if they were glued onto the actual pigtails. The reason I didn't have the kids do this was because I was planning on having the other side of the plate be a regular bat. (In the show, Vampirina can change from a little girl to a bat.) The pigtails would be the wings so I didn't want the pink holders to show on the other side. However, we never ended up doing that because the Vampirina craft already looked like a bat.

I added a large craft stick (from so the girls could use them like puppets. The pigtails actually flap like wings when they play with it. It's quite cool! And for that reason I recommend using black card stock paper so the bat-wing pigtails are sturdy. They turned out so cute and the girls have been playing with them for days!