Monday, November 21, 2016

Pasta Footprint Turkey

Here's a fun, cute and quick turkey craft for you! Paint your child's foot brown and make a print. When it dries, have them glue tri-colored pasta on to make the turkey feathers. Add a beak, eye and snood. I helped out by putting the glue on the paper for the kids so they'd know where to put the noodles. (I was planning on having it be a front-facing turkey, but every child's foot had a high arch, so I thought it looked better to have the turkey facing sideways and just put the feathers on one side.)
We used construction paper for the beak, a wiggle eye, and red yarn for the snood.
They are adorable!

For the youngest one in my group (19 months), I traced her hand and she glued on the noodles (with a little help!).