Monday, December 21, 2015

Candy Cane Reindeer

Here is a seriously simple reindeer craft my daughter and I made the other day. I got the idea from One Crafty Place, but changed it a bit. I cut out a reindeer head shape from brown construction paper, as well as two ears. My daughter glued them onto a green piece of paper. We left the top middle of the head open so we could put in a special treat!
Then she put on wiggle eyes and a red nose. Instead of a mint, we used a glitter gum drop foam sticker I had bought at Hobby Lobby awhile back. And for the antlers, we used Root Beer-flavored candy canes because they were brown (and yummy!).
I tucked the candy canes in and used a little tape to secure them. So fast, so easy, so sweet!
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Finger-Painted Candy Canes

I was trying to think of a toddler-friendly Christmas art project, and what's easier than finger painting, right? So I drew two candy cane shapes on each piece of card stock paper.
Then I used painter's tape to make stripes.
I put green and red paint on a plate and the kids used their fingers and hands to smear the paint all over the paper.
Even the youngest (20 months) was able to do this by himself and he loved it!
It's best to get all the white spaces covered in paint, but I let the kids stop whenever they wanted to. When they were done, I immediately pulled the tape off. It came off very well for the most part. There were a few times where it tore some paper off with it.
When the paint was dry, I cut out the candy canes.
Love them! And it was so quick and easy!