Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frankenstein's Monster Craft

I got this next idea from A Cupcake for the Teacher. First I showed the kids some pictures of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster and told them briefly about it. Then they did the craft. I cut out some green rectangles with rounded corners and the kids drew faces on them. I reminded them to leave room at the top for hair.
I also cut green strips and folded them accordion-style. Those were the legs. The kids glued them to the bottom of the rectangle and then attached black shoes to the ends.
I even cut out little black rectangles for the eyebrows!
For the hair, the kids just used black paint. Some of them drew in the hair first, others didn't.
I didn't have any gray construction paper for the bolts, so I used silver glitter. It was all I could think of, but I like the way it turned out. And the kids also used a red marker to make stitches. (I wanted to use red puffy paint, but I couldn't find any at my center.)
The expressions on these monsters are awesome!

They are hanging from our ceiling with our paper plate ghosts!
Now are you ready for a super old photo? I made a huge Frankenstein monster with my very first Pre-K class. I hung it up so it looked like it was walking out of our wall, stepping over the gravestone of Dr. Frankenstein. Here is my scanned-in photo. Yes, scanned.
I had the kids pose with a frightened face. It was so cute! I never planned on it getting this big. It all started with just the monster's head, made from newspaper, stuffed, and painted green. (I got the idea from some website, but it was many, many years ago and I can't find it now.) The kids all helped with the face.
(Oh, how I wish I had a digital camera all those years ago!) After we made the head I thought we just had to give him a body. So using the same technique as the head, I stapled more newspapers together into the shape of a jacket and pant leg, stuffed them with more newspaper, and let the kids paint them. They even splattered red paint on the jacket so it looked like blood! I only made one leg because the other would be covered up by the gravestone. The shoe is made out of a box. And everything is held up with string hanging from the ceiling! Man, what a lot of work that was!
But it gave me some great memories!


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