Sunday, October 14, 2012

YAH: Halloween Silhouette Candles

Last year I showed you some of my Halloween decorations, including the candles on my mantle.
I redid one of them this year, so I thought I'd share with you how I made them. They are very simple and cheap to make. The reason I changed one was because I had all these tiny bats that I cut out for this lamp:
Well, I no longer use that lamp but I loved the look of the bats. I was trying to figure out where else I could put them when I thought of my candles on the mantle. I never really liked the ghosts on one of them, so I decided to replace them with bats. I started with a clear cylinder candle holder.
I got mine from the dollar store many years ago. Any size will do. I cut some white tissue paper to the appropriate size (using the candle holder as my measuring tool). Then I taped one end down.
I wrapped it around once and taped on my bats. Don't worry if the bats aren't flat against the glass. The next layer of tissue paper will hold them down.
You could probably tape them right to the glass, but I did it this way. I knew I wanted two layers of tissue and I wasn't sure how well the bats would show up under two layers. Anyway, I wrapped the tissue paper around one more time and taped it in back.
Here is this year's trio:
Then I put battery-operated flickering tea lights inside each one and set them on my mantle.
I like the bats so much better than the ghosts of years past. (Sounds kind of creepy!) The cat shows up the best because it's in a smaller holder.
But my favorite is the melting face.
So scary looking, right?

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I had no idea how easy these would be to make. They really look spectacular for using such simple materials!