Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Witch Craft

Last week I shared with you our adorable witch legs. Today, we made witch faces! I copied this idea from I {Heart} Crafty Things. Please go there for the tutorial. But I did do a few things differently. Things I wish I hadn't. I should have just copied Rachel's craft completely. Oh well, live and learn. I thought it would be fun if the kids painted the witch faces instead of using colored construction paper. So last week they painted a white piece of paper. They could either use yellow and blue paint to make green, or blue and red paint to make purple.
Well, the green turned out so gross. No matter how much yellow we added. So then I decided to let them mix green paint with yellow paint. Much better.
They spread it out as much as they could and we let them dry. I also flattened them for a few days. Then I cut off one section to make the nose for them. I put the noses aside for later. With the remaining piece of paper, they drew a circle on the back and cut it out.
Then they glued on the hair, of which I had about 20 times too much.
See Rachel's blog to find out the genius way to make the hair! After the kids finished, I added the noses, the same way Rachel did. If the kids cut small faces, I just made their noses a bit smaller. These turned out really cute. I love all the expressions on the faces! (My camera's settings were all messed up for this and I didn't have time to figure it out. I did the best I could, but please excuse the poor photo quality!)

Next time I will just use construction paper, because the mixing of the paint didn't really work. The purple ended up drying as reds and blues and it made the witches look downright frightening!
But the kids enjoyed making them and love to see them on the wall, so I guess it's not so bad.

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Maro's kindergarten said...

They are so beautifuly scary!!!