Monday, October 15, 2012

Candy Corn Necklace Craft

Here is a simple way to do a candy corn craft. We made ours into necklaces, but it could also just hang as decoration. Each child painted a small paper plate. The outside was painted yellow,
next was orange,
and the center was left white.
During nap time, I cut the plate into eighths. This could have easily been done by the kids to give them some extra cutting practice, but I had the time so I did it myself.
The white tips were a little sharp, so I rounded them out a bit with a scissors. They will be wearing them as necklaces, after all! As the kids woke up, I called them over one at a time to attach the candy corn pieces to some yarn. We just taped the yarn to the back. Then I tied it around their necks!

Now, when I thought of this craft I imagined the pieces were smaller. And it would probably be cuter smaller, but when you have small paper plates on hand, it seems silly to cut smaller circles out of white paper. Right? And the kids didn't seem to mind having such big necklaces. To end our day, I brought in some candy corn cupcakes I made over the weekend. I just divided the batter and used food coloring to make it yellow and orange. And then white frosting was on top.
I used a yellow cake mix instead of white, which is why the colors aren't very vibrant. But white cake has no flavor to me, and I'd rather have a cupcake that tastes good than one that looks good.

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

What a fun idea! I really like them big and love how you used a paper plate to create them.