Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Felt Ghost Treat Holder

Several years ago (probably close to a decade), one of my sisters bought me a cute felt ghost that had a little pouch for treats.
The felt pieces were sewn together and the eyes, mouth and bow were glued on. The words were embroidered to the pouch. I immediately thought how easy that would be to make myself -- and without having to sew or embroider anything! I've made this for a few friends in the past, but I've also done it with my class a couple of times. And once I even used construction paper instead of felt and it still turned out cute. First I made a template by tracing the ghost.
(I put it on black felt so it would be easier for you to see.) Then I traced the whole ghost onto white felt and also traced the bottom part a second time to make the pouch.
The felt I used for this example was really thin. I'd recommend a thicker piece so you can't see through it. Anyway, I used craft glue around the pouch, except for the top, and glued it onto the ghost. I glued on wiggle eyes and a black felt mouth. (I chose to make my mouth open instead of a smile.) And I glued on orange ribbon for the bow. To hang it, I used a hole punch at the top and tied black ribbon on. But I think gluing it to the back of the head would work as well. I used puffy paint to write "BOO!" on the pouch. I didn't have any candy on hand, so I stuck a pencil in the pouch for this picture. Imagine a sucker or little Twix bar sticking out. Much cuter.
Then you can hang it on a doorknob or give it away to someone special!
I honestly think my version is cuter! What do you think?

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