Sunday, October 16, 2011

YAH: Homemade Halloween Decor

I spent the weekend putting up all my Halloween decorations and I thought I'd share them with you. First I traced a picture of a bat onto black construction paper and cut out four copies.
Then I taped them to the inside of a lamp shade.
I also made some really tiny ones for another lamp.
I'd like to say I used a hole punch for these, but no. I cut each one out with a regular scissors.
I also cut out some small ghosts, a cat, and a "melting face." I taped them to some glass cylinder candle holders that I got from the dollar store and then wrapped white tissue paper around them. (See my tutorial for those here.) Then I dropped in battery-operated flickering tea lights.
The purple bat lights across the fireplace are for my husband. He loves bats.
Last year I took a wedding photo and turned us into vampires. I used some website, I don't remember which, but I think you can do it through Picnik this year.
My husband can't look at the regular photo now without seeing us as vampires! Anyway, I got that photo out again and added some "scary" books and topped it with a ghost candle that I've had for years. I added the word "Boo" with scrabble tiles to cover up a part of the candle that was broken.
And check out the cutest candy dish ever!
I added some "bleeding" candles that I made by dripping red wax on the white candles.
And I finally finished my pumpkin porch display. I cleaned all the pumpkins, then sprayed them with a clear protective coat to make them shine. (Last year I used vaseline -- this was so much easier!)
I got some very cool gourds this year. That green one is called a swan gourd and those little white ones are called finger or ghost gourds. I just used a black sharpie to draw on a face!
Last year I made a ghost family by spray painting gourds and then using black acrylic paint for the faces.
They looked so cute on my porch!
I like them better than this year's ghosts, but it was a lot more work. Who knows what I'll do next year?!


Sarah said...

I seriously love this stuff! Julian would probably like to move in with you, BTW, he loves Halloween decorations. Luckily I have amassed some decorations through the years, mostly from Suze and a huge sister box years ago. I LOVE the vampire photo ,have got to do one! And I thought the pumpkins looked suspiciously shiny!
Thanks for Sharing.

Carrie said...

Great decorations! Thanks for sharing them!

Betsy said...

Thanks Sarah and Carrie! I had a lot of fun doing them.