Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Silly Pumpkin Faces

I totally copied this idea from I Heart Crafty Things, but she found it here. We started this project yesterday. I squirted yellow and red paint on each child's white piece of paper and they mixed it up and painted the whole thing.

Some of the kids already knew red and yellow make orange, but others were surprised and excited when they made orange!
Today we did all the cutting and gluing. The kids in my class are 4 and 5 so they have trouble cutting circles and ovals free-hand. I had them flip over their paper and draw their pumpkin on the back. Then they cut it out.
They glued their pumpkin to a black piece of paper and then started cutting mouths, eyes, pupils, teeth and noses from black and white paper. There were a few kids getting frustrated trying to cut circles but I reminded them that it could be whatever shape they wanted it to be.
Then they cut a stem (and some wanted to make grass) from green paper.
We had some really cute faces!

And the best part was there was absolutely no prep from me! I just put out all the supplies. Wonderful!


kszwahl said...

This is too funny. I did a "science" experiment in art today. We asked 'what color will it make when we mix red and yellow paint?' We made all made predictions, then we tested our theory. Viola! Orange it was so fun. Don't you just love teaching art on days like that?
Here's to orange. :)

Betsy said...

I know, it's always great to see kids' reactions when mixing paint colors. It's so fun! Thanks for commenting!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

They turned out SOOOOOO cute Betsy! I love seeing them on display like that together, seeing how different each child's pumpkin looks. So glad you liked this project. Thanks for sharing the link to my blog. :)

Betsy said...

And thanks for giving me the idea, Rachel!