Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Suncatchers

This is a simple craft, but a beautiful one, too. I used laminating sheets, but contact paper would work as well. I traced a pumpkin template onto orange construction paper and then traced a smaller-sized pumpkin on the inside of that. I cut out the bigger pumpkin and then cut out the smaller pumpkin, leaving just the outline of a pumpkin. I glued that to the inside of a laminating sheet. Then the kids filled the middle with tissue paper squares.
We used orange, yellow and peach/light orange tissue paper. Once the inside was filled up, the kids placed black triangles (made out of construction paper) on top of the tissue paper. This made the eyes and nose of our jack-o-lanterns. Then they placed a mouth on it. They didn't use any glue at all for this.
They added a green stem, also made from construction paper. Then I folded the laminating sheets, sent them through the machine, cut them out and hung them in our window.
As always, it's hard to get a good shot at things hanging in a window, but they really do look beautiful.

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