Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pasta-Print Turkeys

This turkey project came to me at the last minute. My original plan was just to have the kids make some prints using wagon wheel pasta that was glued to corks. (See last year's prints here.) But then I thought, maybe they can make something with the prints! And being November and all, my mind immediately went to a turkey. So I ended up painting their palms brown and getting a handprint on a piece of paper. Then they dipped the pasta stampers into a thin layer of paint and made the feathers!

Most of the kids made the prints going straight up in rows, almost like where their fingers would have been if I had painted their whole hand. That was my fault because I made an example that way so they all copied mine. But I think it would look neat if they made a whole cloud of prints, in all different colors, without any columns or rows. I'll have to remember not to make an example next time. Anyway, when the paint was dry, they added all the standard turkey parts -- beak, snood, wiggle eyes and legs.
The beaks were cut from folded paper so they could open up.

Check out the toes on this next guy!
Love it! They all turned out really cute.

And to think these turkeys almost never came to be...

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Those toes on that one turkey....So stinkin adorable! These are great Betsy! I love your creativity!