Monday, November 26, 2012

Fingerprint Caterpillars

This project is nothing new, and extremely simple. I probably don't have to use any words to explain it, but you know I will! We started our Eric Carle theme today and our first book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I painted two paper plates to make my own ink pads.
This way the kids wouldn't get too much paint on their fingers. They pressed their fingertips onto the plate and made caterpillars on their paper.

When they were dry, the kids used markers to add legs and facial features.
Some even made a background!

They are just darling! I wasn't planning on blogging about this, because it's so simple, but the kids have come to expect me to take pictures of their art and when I don't they seem to get sad. So how could I not?

Fun Fact: Caterpillars have only 6 legs, just like all insects. The other legs are called prolegs and help the caterpillar move and grasp onto branches. When it changes into a moth or butterfly, only the 6 true legs remain.

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