Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fly Swatter Painting - Take 1

I've seen some awesome art made with fly swatters lately, like on Reading Confetti. I wanted to do it, but kept putting it off. Well, with camping week I thought it would be perfect. You know, because of all the pesky bugs! I found these fly swatters at Target in the dollar bins. They came in packs of two.
So cute, right? They are almost too adorable to kill a fly!
I decided to do this project on a day we were using the pools and sprinkler. That way if the kids got full of paint, they could wash off in the water! Unfortunately (and this explains the "take 1" from my title), it was an incredibly windy day. So we collected some rocks to keep our paper weighted down. I had one child come over and try it while the rest were cooling off in the water. I put some drops of paint on the paper (the flies),
and told her to swat 'em!
She was very gentle at first, so I told her to really smack those flies!

It turned out great! I called another child over and while he was working on his, the first paper blew away. That was just one of the many times I had to chase it across the lawn. So I gave up. I promised the kids we will try again on a less windy day. Here's what I learned, though:
1. I would never do this inside. Paint splattered everywhere.
2. I wouldn't trust an art smock to protect the clothing or the child from paint. It got on their faces and hair! Luckily, the pool was right there.
3. I'll say it again -- NOT ON A WINDY DAY!
But the two pieces of art we got from it are beautiful, so I will definitely try again.

Hmmm, maybe fireworks for Independence Day? Ooh, on black paper with bright colored paint! Think it would work?
See our Take 2 here!

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