Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dinosaur Stomp

Today's circle time book was Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields.
I love love love this book. But in all the years I've been teaching about dinosaurs, I've never read it. That's because I have the tape story! Yes, cassette tape. It's very old school. I got it through a Scholastic book order many years ago. I always have my eyes out for the CD, but so far no such luck. The tape story is actually the song-version of the book and it's so fun to listen to! After listening to it while looking at the book, we had our own version of a dinosaur stomp. I found extra thick craft foam at Michaels and cut out three different dino footprints. I just drew them by hand, so nothing fancy. Then I cut them out and stuck pipe cleaners into them to make handles. I also taped the ends just in case.
See how thick the foam is?
I put some paint on paper plates and rolled out some big white paper onto the table. The kids used them just like normal stamps, but they pressed down on the feet to get a good print. And the paper stuck to the foam, so they had to hold the paper down when lifting up the stamp.
I had two kids at a time come over to the table to make some footprints.

Once it got filled up, we let it dry .
My plan was to put "Dinosaur Stomp" on it with stencils, but when I went to get the letters I couldn't find them. So I just quickly wrote "Saturday night at the Dinosaur Stomp" on it and hung it on the wall.
Not very fancy, but it's only up for a couple days. We have one more day of Dino Camp, and then I have to take everything down. It's been an exciting week!


andekat3 said...

This is a really fun project! When I first saw the pipe cleaner attachments I got really excited because I thought maybe you let the kids put their feet in them and walk to make dinosaur prints. Thanks for the idea!!!

Betsy said...

Don't think I didn't consider that! I just didn't think the pipe cleaners would have been strong enough. Glad you liked it!