Thursday, June 28, 2012


I taught the kids all about rockets and space shuttles yesterday. We even watched a video of a rocket launch! And then we headed to the art table to make our own rockets. It was a simple craft. I cut out big rectangles, big triangles and smaller triangles in red, white and blue. The kids put their rockets together on black paper.
Once it was glued down they added a bunch of glue to the bottom of the rocket to make the fire.
Then they sprinkled orange glitter on the glue. I had two shades of orange from which they could choose.

They shook off the extra glitter and that's when I remembered I punched out little stars! So they added those to the rockets after the glitter, but I would recommend doing it before so the kids don't get their hands or arms into it by mistake. In my example at the top of the post, I used star stickers. But that was made years ago and I didn't have any star stickers, so I just used a star hole punch.
While they were sleeping, I used silver glitter glue to make some stars in the background. I know, I know, the kids should have done that. But I didn't have much left and kids love to squirt huge globs of that stuff! Another idea I had was to use glitter construction paper. I didn't have enough for each child so we didn't use it. When they were dry, I hung them on our bathroom door.
When we got building centers out later, the kids were all making rockets! It was so fun to see.

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

So simple and FABULOUS! I love your idea of using glitter constructions paper too!

Charlotte Taylor-Page said...

Ooh these are cute! I love using TP rolls to make rockets too!

Thanks for stopping by The Sunday Showcase, hope to see you there again next week!


Anonymous said...

They are very cute rockets. I love how they watched a launch video first too.

Carrie said...

So cute!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I will be featuring these at my holiday round up tomorrow.