Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dramatic Play: Campsite

To go with our camping theme this week, I brought in a little tent. It was given to me by my sister several years ago. I put little lanterns (from Culver's, also given to me by that same sister long, long ago) inside so the kids could read books.
You can see I also put out some lincoln logs for the kids to make a fire. And I made some fishing poles out of wooden dowels, yarn and paperclips. The kids can turn them around and use the other end if they want to roast marshmallows!
The four little fish that I printed out and laminated are on the side of the tent. And I hung up some of my stars from my space theme so the kids could sleep under a starry sky. (I wish there was a light right above dramatic play so I could hang more stars up, but I just put the rest on the wall.)
The class is really enjoying it. Here's a couple cuties cooking their freshly caught fish over the fire!
It's not the greatest dramatic play campsite ever, but I thought I'd share it anyway. The area is very small and I have to put everything away daily because we have other classes in our room in the mornings. So this is just enough to give the kids a special place to play without a huge time-consuming project for me!

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Maro s kindergarten said...

I love it! You have made the space so pretty and the stars on the wall are like the night sky!