Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dinosaur Tooth Necklaces

I told the kids I went back in time and pulled some dinosaur teeth. They didn't believe me. Smart kids! I used Crayola's Model Magic to make some teeth.
I just formed it into a tooth-like shape. Then I used one end of a paper clip to poke a hole all the way through. I wiggled it around a bit to make the hole big enough to thread string through. I taped down one end of some string and put out some pony beads and cut up straws.
The kids put some on the string,
then picked out a tooth. I helped them string the tooth on because it was a little tricky. Then they added more beads and straws. I love the bright colors against the white tooth.
I made the mistake of making the teeth only one day before the craft. They weren't quite hard enough today, but we did the project anyway. I thought of keeping the teeth one extra day, but you try telling a class of dino lovers that they can't take them home just yet! So I let them wear the necklace for a picture, but then they were hung in their cubbies till the end of the day. One more day of drying should work.

These teeth wouldn't be from a T-Rex, of course. Their teeth were as big as bananas! Although some kids said they could be from a baby T-Rex. I told them they could pretend it came from any dinosaur they wanted, but we all agreed they probably belonged to a meat-eater. (See? Even though the kids knew the teeth were fake, they still make-believed with me throughout the whole project!)

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