Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marble-Painted Planets

When we learned about our solar system yesterday, I had the kids make their own planets. I cut big circles out of paper and the kids marble painted them.
I also cut out oval rings, because let's be honest, otherwise it would just look like a circle.
When the paint was dry, I added the rings and displayed the planets in our dramatic play area.
I like how the marble painting makes it look like swirling gases and clouds.

Some kids wanted me to hang up their planet like Uranus, where the rings are more up and down rather than side to side, because they liked saying they made the planet that got knocked over by an asteroid or comet! (Good to know some things I teach them actually stick!)


Carrie said...

Oh, I love these, Betsy! Such a great idea to use marble painting.

Unknown said...

The marble painting really does look like the gas clouds! How fun!!

Unknown said...

What a lovely drawing and painting.wow.it looks like real planets.Very well done.