Monday, August 13, 2012

Fly Swatter Painting - Take 2

Last week we finally had a chance to try our hands at fly swatter painting again. You can see our first attempt here. The results were great, but it was so windy outside that only two kids did it and then we packed everything up. This time it was a beautiful day. Not too hot, and hardly any wind. What a difference that made! I only had four fly swatters (remember these cuties?),
so only four kids could do the project at a time. Again, we did it on a swimming day so I could hose the kids off when they were done. They enjoyed that!
I put drops of paint on their papers, told them to wait until I was OUT OF THE WAY(!!), and then they started swattin' the paint.

The kids loved hitting it over and over again, but I kind of liked it better when they hit each glob of paint only once or twice.
But as long as the kids had fun, that's all that matters!

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