Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colorful Starfish

I've always loved the look of melted crayons between two pieces of wax paper, but the prep is such a pain. Shaving all those crayons is very time-consuming (at least when you have to make enough shavings for an entire class). I've tried it with a crayon sharpener, instead of using a scissors, but that didn't seem to work any better. So when I found a container with 6 bags of crayon shavings way at the bottom of my craft drawer at school, I was so excited! It was from years and years ago, but there was plenty left for my current class. So I separated them into bowls.
I had traced a starfish onto wax paper and the kids sprinkled the crayon shavings onto the starfish. I "warned" the kids that if they put all the colors on top of each other, it would end up brown. So most of them used a different color for each arm of the starfish.
I had left enough room on the side of the starfish so I could fold over the wax paper before ironing. But you could always just put another piece on top of the starfish. I ironed them on a towel.
When they cooled, which didn't take long at all, I cut them out.

They look beautiful hanging in our window!
Make sure you use an old towel because this is what mine looked like when I was done:
The spot on the left is where I ironed them and the spot on the right is where I cleaned my iron after each one. For another starfish craft, check out our Glittery Starfish!


Anonymous said...

We've done this sort of craft before but I've never cut it into a different shape after we were done. I imagine you'd need old scissors too. We have an iron just for crafts too and a separate ironing board cover. We made pumpkins last year.

Betsy said...

Actually, LeighAnn, it didn't do anything to the scissors! It was really easy to cut and didn't leave anything behind.