Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lazy Lions

We are on safari this week! That's right -- traveling to the Serengeti! This is one of my most favorite themes. You can see all our safari crafts from last year here, but I'm adding a few new ones this year. Today I taught about lions. The first thing I taught them was that lions are not the kings of the jungle because they don't live in jungles! It amazes me how many children's books show lions living in jungles. For art, I printed out a couple coloring pages of lions. I often like to use a coloring sheet for art, but expand on it so it's more than just coloring. First the kids colored their lion.
Then I put out orange and yellow tissue paper squares (I would have also used brown if I had any) and glue.
The kids scrunched up a tissue square, dipped it in glue, and stuck it on the mane or tail of their lion.
It added some nice texture and a little bit of excitement to their lions!

Fun Fact: The lion's mane gets darker as he ages. So the darker the mane, the older the lion.

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