Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bugle-Horned Rhinos

So this rhino craft we did today isn't the cutest art project. It won't win any awards or end up on any refrigerators. But there aren't many rhino crafts out there from which to get inspiration. And when I started thinking about what we could use for the horns, I couldn't resist trying Bugles.
I found a coloring sheet of a rhinoceros that I liked, but I covered up the horns with white-out before I photocopied it for my class. The kids used watercolors to paint them.
Then they could select one or two Bugles (since some rhinos have one horn and some have two). We used full Bugles for the big horns and I broke the top off of some for the small horns.
Then all they had to do was squirt a little glue,
and add their horns!
I think they turned out kind of cute, actually!

I also think candy corn would work for the horns.

Fun Fact: Black rhinos are very endangered. So much so that when my brother went on an African safari a few years ago, he said each black rhino had its own bodyguard!

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