Saturday, August 4, 2012

Treasure Chests

On Friday I asked the kids to bring in something special from home. Something that they would like to put in a treasure chest to keep safe. We had everything from jewelry to a Batman yo-yo. Then we did a little craft to go along with it. I made treasure chests by finding a coloring sheet of an open one and tracing it onto construction paper.
Then I added white paper for the "inside" of the chest.
It looked better once I added a few lines for dimension.
The kids could color treasure on the white part and decorate the chest with glitter glue.
Some kids drew what they had brought in to share that day, others drew things like gold and jewels.
The glitter glue pens were fun for the kids, but I reminded them not to squirt big globs. I told them to try to keep the pen moving while they squeezed.
Although my example was dry within a few hours, none of theirs was dry by the end of the day, so they will have to wait until Monday to take it home.

I hope you enjoyed our Pirate theme!

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