Saturday, August 25, 2012

Picasso's Faces

Yesterday we learned about Pablo Picasso. I had asked parents to donate magazines so the kids could cut up faces. Since most of the magazines had some "PG-13" pictures in them, I decided to do the cutting. I also wanted to cut them into blocks to go along with Picasso's cubism. So I cut out a bunch of mouths, noses, and eyes and separated them at the art table.
After looking at several of Picasso's works of art, the kids made their own "silly" faces. First they glued the parts onto their paper,
then they drew a circle around it to make a head. If they wanted to, they could draw a body as well. And if they had room, they could make two faces on their paper.
The kids really enjoyed making these.

Another idea that I saw somewhere would be to have the kids paint their own picture of a person, or just a face, then cut it up and glue it back together differently. If my kids were a little older and could paint people, that's what I would have done.


Melissa said...

I am absolutely loving your artists unit! It looks like so much fun! We recently borrowed Picasso's Trousers by Nicholas Allen which was a great way to learn about the artist.

Lindy said...

I am totally doing this, you are my new favorite blog!