Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Paintings...With a Dash of Salt

Before I get to our beautiful art project, I want to show you what we did that led up to the project. We are doing a little science theme this week and today we did several experiments about dissolving. I got this idea from The Picky Apple. I brought in a few things for the kids to mix with water. I had three containers and the kids took turns and passed them around. We tried coffee:
Magic Noodles:
Smarties (leftover from our Octopus craft):
Sugar and Salt, which you can't really see:
And white chocolate candy corn M&Ms:
Hey, I was just using what I had on hand. And BTW, these tasted awful. I got them because I love candy corn and my husband loves M&Ms. But no, no, no. So anyway, after all that, we ended up using the salt with our art. I saw this idea at The Joy of My Life. And although I don't think ours turned out as cool as theirs did, I still liked the results. We started by brushing water over white construction paper.
Then we painted with watered-down tempera paint.
Finally, we sprinkled regular table salt onto our paintings.
The salt made a really cool effect.
And as it dried it left some beautiful art.

I was hoping the salt would dissolve a little bit more, but it didn't. I started scraping it off, but it was too much work, so I left it. I actually really liked the technique of just painting on wet paper, so we might have to try this again without salt.
And maybe it was just the colors we chose. I think the pink, blue and purple are just stunning!

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