Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bath Pouf Chicks

As soon as we made our snowy owls back in January, I knew I wanted to try the same technique to make chicks. And oh, did they ever turn out cute!
I put out three different colors (just to add some variety) and added a bath pouf to each color.
The kids painted with the pouf onto white paper. They dabbed it on up and down, first making a head and then making a body.

I had cut out some beaks and set out colorful wiggle eyes so they could add them to the chicks while the paint was still wet. We did use a little glue for the eyes, just to be safe.
But after a few minutes, I noticed all the beaks were opening up - all the way up.

It must have been something about the wet paint that made them unfold. And there was nothing I could do to get them to close again. So I quickly took off all the beaks and threw them away. Once the paint was dry, I cut new ones for the kids to glue on. They also colored a background and added some legs.
I kind of wish we had waited to glue the eyes on as well. The glue mixing with the wet paint left a little halo around all the eyes.
Oh well, I still love them! I "framed" them by taping them onto colored construction paper that matched the paint they chose. They are ADORABLE!!

I love how the bath pouf makes them look so fluffy!

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Cute, Cute!! You are so sweet to link back to me. Thank you!

Nancy said...

I really like these Bets. I like how the kids painted them and that they are fluffy. I will have to try it with Calvin.

Marta mama Nikusia said...

Great :)