Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day Booklet

Several years ago my nephew brought home a little Earth Day booklet from his preschool. (He's 12 now!) My sister showed it to me because she thought I could use it at my school. And she was right. I've done this craft every year since then.
Let me show you the inside, then I'll show you how the kids made it.

Over the years, I've also called this one "the earth" and "the mountains" but I thought "the land" summed it all up nicely.

Some kids drew clouds with a white crayon in their sky.
So this is how we made it. I traced all my templates onto colored paper. In the past, I've also done it on a full sheet of construction paper, but this year I finally realized that's not necessary! A half sheet does just fine, and it saves paper. Perfect for Earth Day. I used dotted lines to write the words at the bottom so the kids could trace them. And I put X's on the parts of the paper that weren't needed for our booklet. That let the kids know it was okay to cut through them with their scissors. We put the paper we cut off in our scrap bucket for future projects.
 (I cut the oval out ahead of time.)

Then the kids cut on the lines. The tree was definitely the hardest.

When all the pages were finished...
...I stapled it together into a booklet.
We talked about how it's important to protect all the parts of the earth. The kids enjoyed being able to read their own books!

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Jess said...

Artist Betsy!!!
i just saw you with this booklet today! i finally remembered to look at your blog, i love it and i'm in it! it's so cute! haha

Betsy said...

Oh, Jess! You always make me laugh!! Thanks for checking it out!

Lisa said...

Love this! I'll be doing this craft with my preschooler. Thanks for sharing!

Criss-Cross Applesauce