Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Craft-Stick Barns

We started our farm unit yesterday and did a three-part project over two days. I put out glue, red paper and a whole bunch of popsicle sticks. The kids "built" barns on their paper. They didn't do any gluing at first, only setting the sticks on the paper.
When the barn was complete, they picked up each stick and put a drop of glue at each end.

In the afternoon, when the glue was dry, they painted the sticks white.

This may have been a bit backwards, but I thought it would be easier if the sticks weren't a-slippin' and a-slidin'. It took two coats to get them white. And then today the kids added some farm animals. I printed some clip art out from my computer and they glued the animals to the barn.

And that's how we made our barns!

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