Thursday, April 26, 2012

Colorful Cows

Colorful what? Cows. You wouldn't think those two words would go together, but today in my class, they did.
I printed out a coloring sheet of a cow, without any spots. I found it here. The kids used crayons to color parts of the cow, like the tail, horns and feet.
Then they dipped their fingers in fingerpaint to make the spots. But instead of just making small spots, they put a bunch of fingerprints together to make larger, more cow-like spots.
They turned out very colorful. The fingerpaint is so bright!

Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief, cows do not have four stomachs. They have one stomach with four chambers.

**Happy Blogiversary to me!**


Carrie said...

These are so cute!! I love that different colors!!

Oh, and Happy Blogiversary!

Nancy said...

Happy Blogiversary! (is that really a word?)
I do like these cows and all the colors. So much prettier than just a black and white one.

Melissa said...

Another simple and fun craft! I love the colours.
Happy Blogiversary Betsy! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the great crafts you do with your class.