Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colorful Eggs

We decorated paper eggs today using the same technique as our silhouettes. We started off by coloring coffee filters.
After they were colored, I put the coffee filters on white paper. Then I let the kids spray them with water. They loved this part!

After the coffee filter dried a bit, I took it off. Then I got pretty disappointed. I was hoping for the same results as our silhouettes. Here's a reminder:

But instead the paper was almost one color. Still pretty, but not as cool-looking. I think it might have been because of the paper I used. For the silhouettes, I used construction paper. But for these I used regular printer paper. It must have absorbed the colors differently. Anyway, when the paper was dry I traced an egg-shape on it. The kids cut them out themselves.
I wrote their names on the front and tucked them in the grass where our garden grows.

I think they look so cute there!


The Frugal Momma said...

I love this idea! My daughter would have a blast with it.
So, would you recommend spraying it on to construction paper for the best effect?

Betsy said...

Yes, I think that's how we got more of a marbled effect with the silhouettes. I can't imagine why else it would have turned out differently.
Thanks for the comment!