Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shape Buddies

I have one last shape project to share with you. It's very simple. I cut out one big shape for each child. (I only had 8 kids because it was Good Friday, so I asked the kids what shape and what color they wanted.) Then I cut out a bunch of smaller shapes (tiny, actually) from all different colors. And finally I cut out some white strips of paper and folded them accordion-style. The kids glued the white paper strips onto the big shape.
These would become the arms and legs on the shape body. Then they added the smaller shapes onto the ends of the white strips, for hands and feet. They had to match the shape of their body, but could be any color.
I put out some wiggle eyes (stuck onto glue dots) and makers for the kids to makes faces. This really brought the shape buddies to life!

I have no idea why I made everything so small. Next time I'll make the pieces much bigger. The kids liked them, though, and some even named them!

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