Sunday, January 29, 2012

YAH: Baby Shower Party Favor Booties

Last week my family rented a house in Minneapolis to have a surprise party for our mother's 70th birthday. Actually, we celebrated her 54th anniversary of her sweet 16!

(Sorry about the picture quality -- not my camera!) She thought it was just going to be a girls' weekend with her 5 daughters, but 3 of her sons and two grandchildren came as well. It was a wonderful weekend and several of us went to see The Lion King. It was AMAZING!
Anyway, while we were there, we also had a surprise baby shower for my sister Kate. I made the cutest little party favors! And they are so, so easy. I got this idea from here. All you need are kleenex, cotton balls, and party or nut cups. Place your kleenex on the table and put a nut cup and cotton ball on top. They should be in the middle of the kleenex, with the cotton ball facing one corner.
Warning: If you have a cat that likes to play with, well, anything and everything, she may swat at it right as you are taking a picture!
But back to the show. Then fold the kleenex over the top of the cotton ball and nut cup, tucking it into the cup.
Keep tucking the kleenex
until it is all inside the nut cup.
Add another nut cup over the kleenex, right inside the first nut cup. This holds it all together.
Then add candy or nuts or whatever!
I filled mine with Starburst jelly beans and they were displayed around my sister's cake.
Yes, we had two big cakes that weekend, both made by my sister Suzie!

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