Friday, January 13, 2012

Harp Seal Pups

I got one more polar animal to share with you. Today we learned all about harp seals and their adorable pups! Then we made our own out of socks.
I bought little kids' socks that were all white.
Then I stuffed them with polyester stuffing that you'd use for pillows. When I ran out, I used toilet paper. It worked the same, but wasn't as soft or squishy. Then I used a rubber band to close it.
I cut out flippers from white felt, and we used wiggle eyes and black pom poms.
I've always used craft glue in the past (Aleen's Tacky Glue), but I left it at home so we used Elmer's glue. I really recommend craft glue for this because we had a few noses fall off at the end of the day. Anyway, we used the toe seam as our smile, so the eyes and nose went above that.
Then we put some glue (using a paint brush, but a toothpick would also work) on the sides of the nose and attached some brown string. And finally we glued on flippers to the sides.
That's it! The kids loved them. They kept saying how cute they were!

Fun Fact: Harp seals go through 6 life stages: Yellowjacket, Whitecoat, Ragged Jacket, Beater, Bedlamer, and Adult. Whew! Our craft is obviously the Whitecoat stage.

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Lisa said...

Just pinned these too! Adorable!

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Ally @momstownteach said...

Love these little seal pups! I'm hosting a winter crafts linkup - love for you to join in:

Aimee said...

That turned out so cute! Loveit ;-) Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

You are featured on this week's Sunday Showcase! Thanks for sharing your fab idea with us! Hope to see you this week!


Debra said...

These are too cute. I am doing this craft for sure. Thanks for sharing.