Monday, January 16, 2012

"Five Little Snowmen" Booklet

Have you heard this song?

Five little snowmen fat,
Each with a funny hat.
Out came the sun
And melted one.
Oh, what a sight was that.

Four little snowmen fat...

I taught that to my kids today and they had fun pretending to melt like snowmen. We made a little booklet for it. I cut a piece of light blue paper into six equal parts. We used finger prints to make the snowmen. I started with the end of the song (one snowman) first and painted the children's pinkies with white paint. Then I painted two fingers, then three, and so forth. When they were dry, I stapled the pages together with a blank page on top. I had printed out the song and cut up each verse. The kids glued the verses to the correct page, on the opposite side.
Then they decorated their snowmen with silly hats!

Some of them got really creative!

Here's what I would change about this if I did it again. I'd use a darker paper so the hand prints showed up better, although not so dark that the kids couldn't decorate it with markers or crayons. I also would like to make each page bigger, but I was really trying to just use one piece of paper per child. But the kids enjoyed making them (and reading them to each other!) so that's all that matters, right?

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mermaid said...

Oh thats cute!
Love it!
Will make one as well :)