Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baa Baa Black Sheep

I got this next idea by visiting DLTK. They had three verses for Baa Baa Black Sheep and even though they had a black and white print-out of the poem and animals, I wanted something a little different so I made my own. First I copied the poem into my own document, then I searched around for three coloring sheets of the animals -- two sheep and one zebra. I wanted them to be more of a side-view because of what I had planned for the kids to do. Once I found pictures, I printed them out the size I needed, cut them out, and taped them to my printed document. Why didn't I just insert them into my document? Because I was having too many problems and this just seemed easier.
For the project I set out cotton balls, black tissue paper squares, and glue mixed with just a little bit of water.
Before doing any gluing, the kids colored the pictures.
Then came the fun part. For the black sheep verse, the kids crumpled up the tissue paper, dipped it in the glue, and put it on the first sheep. For the white sheep verse (same as black sheep but with a white sheep, of course), the kids painted the second sheep with the glue and put on a stretched-out cotton ball.
The zebra just had coloring and that's it. Here is the zebra verse that I used:
Baa, Baa, striped sheep,
have you any wool?
No sir, no sir,
No bags full:

None for the master,
none for the dame,
And none for the little boy
who lives down the lane.

Striped sheep, why sheep,
have you no more wool?
Oh sir, because sir -
*pause* I'm a zebra!

They turned out pretty cute, and it was a very simple project.

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