Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scrap-Paper Monsters

So today I had to throw together a quick art project. We were supposed to have a Trike-a-thon today, therefore I didn't plan anything. But it was way too hot for kids to be biking around the parking lot for charity, so it was postponed. I ended up putting our box of construction paper scraps on the table, along with some scissors, tape and markers. The kids went to town making monsters.

I had recently gone through my lesson plan folders and threw a bunch of old and leftover projects into the box, so we had some parrots and chimp faces in there that the kids could use.

Please excuse the photos. My camera battery was very low so I wasn't taking 10 shots of everything trying to get the perfect picture. It was actually kind of nice at the time, but now I'm left with very few choices.

This next one is so cute.
I mean scary. After all, it is a monster.
And the girl who made this next one put so much time into it. She kept coming back to the art table throughout the morning, adding more pieces each time.
So there you have it. A last-minute art project that turned out to be one of my (and the kids') favorite.

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