Saturday, July 23, 2011

Glitter-Painted Monsters

I wasn't planning on sharing our last monster art with you because it was just painting. It doesn't need any explaining at all. But they turned out so cute, I decided to show them after all. We painted with glitter paint.
We've used glitter watercolors for a couple years now, but this glitter paint is new to the center. You'd normally not put the words glitter and monster together, but it just added a little somethin'. I told the kids they could paint whatever they wanted, but most of them wanted to stick with the monster theme. They were very creative!
As I was holding one up, I noticed that when light was behind it, it was very pretty. So I decided to turn them into suncatchers and hang them on the window.
Ignore our lovely view.
It doesn't really show it in that picture, but the paint is extra bright and shiny. And this was taken on a cloudy day. Can't wait to see it with the sun shining in.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the SWAMP MONSTER!

That's my husband. He's in the army and had the perfect "costume" for this. Behind our center we have a nice stream. We often take the kids on walks there to look for the swamp monster. We had only been dating one month when he pulled out this suit and said it would make a great swamp monster. (That's when I knew he was a keeper!) It was great to finally have a picture to show the kids. They know it's not real but love it anyway. Whenever we go on walks, they always ask if we can go by the stream to look for the swamp monster!
To this day he is still giving me ideas for my class, always taking an interest in what I do. Thanks, honey!


Carrie M. said...

awww...that's awesome! :) Thanks to your husband for serving and you too!

Anonymous said...

How funny of Dan! I love it. He didn't scare the kids too bad did he?

Betsy said...

No, the kids loved it! I wanted him to dress up again some time when I had the kids near the stream, but it never happened. That might have been a little scary, though.
Thanks for reading, Nanc!

Carmen said...

Love the creativity (both of you)!
You are right. He had to be a keeper.
I just followed a link to your site, looking for a place to sign up for anything you :)
Your creativity enhances the classroom experience of your fortunate students. Never lose your love for life or teaching. Those children will never forget what they did with you.