Thursday, July 28, 2011

Magic Nuudles

No, that is not a typo. Have any of you ever used Magic Nuudles before? They are a biodegradable building material and they are so simple to use. I just put a bunch out on a table, added some wet paper towels, and the kids got to work.
All they have to do is touch the tip of one "block" onto the wet paper towel (you do not want to dip them in water) and they become sticky.
They will stick to each other and windows. And skin, according to the directions. We had many creative masterpieces when art time was over.
A flower:

A caterpillar:

A monster:

An airplane:

And the most original piece of art of the day, something I've never even heard a child mention before, let alone build, a Chinese number:
And the best part is instead of throwing it away (which we all know many parents do because they can't save all the art projects), the kids can put it in the sink, run water on it, and watch it disappear!

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