Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Push-Paint Monsters

This was a fun and easy art project. I'm sure you've all done this before. You start with a big sheet of white paper, fold it in half, and open it up again. Have several paint colors available for the kids. We used spoons to scoop a blob of paint and drop it on the paper.
Try to keep the paint close to the crease and away from the edges of the paper. Then fold the paper again and push the paint all around. I knew I wanted to cut these out, so the kids had to make sure all their blobs of paint got connected. If they opened the paper up and noticed "floating blobs" they just closed the paper and pushed some more. When everything is connected, it will look like, well, anything. But in our case, it looked like a monster!
Then I put out glue and wiggle eyes and the kids could add those anywhere on the paint.

Once dry, I cut them out and taped them onto black paper. It made the paint color "pop."

Then I cut them out again, leaving a nice black edging, and hung them on the wall.
It's a very bright display!

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Melissa said...

Love love love these monsters! Your Monster Mash display is so bright and colourful.