Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dramatic Play Airplane

So this week, the Pre-K class is going to Europe. In our imaginations, anyway. Several years ago I made an "airplane" out of a box. It's really just the sides of one, but it works just fine. I dug it out of storage and it's a little bent up, but it still serves it's purpose.
So it's made out of a normal cardboard box, but then I covered it in gray paper and used black construction paper for the nose and windows. I made a slit for the wing to go into, but it still needed a little tape to stay up. And I also printed out "Pre-K Airlines" on gray paper and glued it to the plane.
I made 2 of these and put 4 chairs in between them to make the seats on the plane. The sides of the plane are just leaning against the chairs. It's that simple! Then I made a pilot hat out of a McDonald's hat that we already have, put in a suitcase, and put a beach ball globe nearby. The kids can look at the globe to find out where they want to go and fly away...
(The kids were in their swimsuits because we were going out into the sprinkler later, so that's why it looks like they hardly have any clothes on!)

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Susan said...

I am pinning these...your ideas amaze me!!
Thanks for posting!