Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ahhhh, summer. Who doesn't love seeing fireflies? Or do you call them lightning bugs? They are summer's night lights and I'm sure most of us have childhood memories of catching these creatures and putting them in a jar. There was no way I could do a unit on summer bugs and not include these fellas. First I made a firefly head out of black construction paper. Then I made a teardrop-shaped body out of wax paper. (You could also use contact paper or laminating sheets.) The kids glued the wax paper onto the head.
Then they put glue on the wax paper (using a glue stick) and stuck on yellow and green tissue paper squares. Once it was filled, they flipped it over and glued on wings.

You can trim the tissue paper if it hangs over the wax paper. And you can also add another sheet of wax paper on top so it's smooth on both sides. I hung them on the windows beside our door. When the light is off in our room, it looks really cool.
Much cooler than that picture shows.

UPDATE: I took down the fireflies today to send home. But before putting them in the mailboxes, I attached a mini flashlight from Oriental Trading. I used a glue dot and stuck it on the back.
When you push the button to turn on the flashlight, the light shines through the tissue paper.
The kids love that their fireflies actually light up!
Fun Fact: Male fireflies fly in the air when flashing (their way of communicating to find a mate) and females stay in bushes and grass. Each species has its own specific flashing pattern. The male seems to say, "Hey, don't you think I'm cute?" And the female will say, "Sure, come down for a date!" However, some species of female fireflies will play a nasty trick on the males. They will flash a signal so a male comes down and then eat him up!


Terri said...

A book I love is Firefly Mountain by Patricia Thomas. I made fireflies with wooden spoons, glow paint, and wax paper for the wings...but I think I like yours better. I especially like the mini flashlight.

Terri Izatt

Betsy said...

Thanks for the book idea! I'm always looking for new books. Glad you liked the craft! I think the glow paint sounds like a fantastic idea! I might have to try that!