Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pop Rocks Pumpkins

Let me start off by saying this is a sticky, sticky, STICKY project!! Ever since we made art with Kool-Aid powder (sprinkling it onto paper and spraying it with water), I've wanted to try the same thing with Pop Rocks. Well, it didn't work. The color from the Pop Rocks did not bleed off onto the paper. So I tried something else. Glue. First I cut out pumpkin shapes from orange card stock and glued them to green construction paper. The kids painted glue onto the pumpkins.
Then they sprinkled Pop Rocks onto the pumpkins. (I bought a pack of 3 Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks at Target.)
Luckily, I tried this project out on my own first. I noticed the Pop Rocks got sticky and clumped together very quickly outside of the bag. If I had not made my own first, I would have dumped them all in a bowl for the kids to use. So instead I dumped a few in my hand and the kids took a pinch or two as needed.
As soon as the Pop Rocks hit the glue, they started making popping noises! That was the cool part.

The longer they sat, the more bubbly and fizzy they got.

And very, very sticky. They never actually dried. I thought they looked cool so I hung them on the wall.
Within minutes I saw they were starting to drip.
Boo. So I took them down, covered them with plastic wrap and sent them home. Between the wreaths, pumpkin stamping and the Pop Rocks, I think I'm done using candy for art. For a little while, anyway!

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