Monday, October 28, 2013

Webs with Hanging Spiders

We did this craft a couple weeks ago, but I haven't gotten around to sharing it until now. It's a simple glitter spider web with a little surprise hanging from it. Before beginning this project, we spent several minutes going over ways to make a spider web. One of the easiest is to make a cross, then an X, then a big circle, a little circle, and a small circle. We practiced it in the air with our fingers. Then I got out glue bottles and black construction paper. The kids did a great job remembering how to make a web!

I added a string to one corner of the spider web and squished it in the glue. Then I put them in a box (ones we use for marble painting) and the kids shook on the glitter. This was so the glitter didn't get all over the place.
I offered several colors of glitter and the kids could use as many or as few as they wanted. We had halloween colors: purple, green, silver, and two shades of orange. When they were dry, I tied a glow-in-the-dark spider ring to each string. They turned out really cool!

The kids can't wait until I send these home so they can cut the spider rings off and wear them!

Fun Fact: Although all spiders make silk, not all of them make webs.

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