Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wickedly Cute Witches

Very often I have an art project planned and at the last minute I'll think of a better way, a more fun way, or a cuter way to do it. And then I'm scrambling that morning to get it ready. That's what happened today. I used this coloring sheet as my template for a witch:
I enlarged it a bit, then traced all the pieces onto construction paper and cut them out. I changed the face of the witch because I didn't really like the one in the picture. I put together my example for the kids, using yarn for hair.
It definitely looked like a witch, but it wasn't cute enough and it was a little boring. They would all look too much alike. So this morning it dawned on me to use a hand print for the witch head! I tried it a couple times and, although not perfect, I really liked it! So I painted the kids' hands and thumbs green, and painted their fingers black. I didn't paint their index finger because it would get in the way of the cape.
To make the print, they kept their fingers together, but put their thumb out as far as possible. When dry and cut out, the kids glued a hat on it and added the other pieces to complete their witch. The broom went on last. They glued on a colored wiggle eye and drew in a mouth.

OK, so the nose might be a bit long, and the cape doesn't quite fit right because there is no neck. But I thought they were much cuter than my example!

Some hand prints seemed to work better than others.
But they are all darling! I hung them in the hall with the words "Wickedly Cute."

I would have loved to have used pictures of the kids for the faces, but I only have two girls in my class. I wasn't sure how the boys would feel about being witches!

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

The handprint is so clever! They turned out darling! It's been a while since I've been around and I've been missing out on so much awesomeness! Hope you are doing well!